AIPLA’s annual Women in IP Global Networking Event

May 2023

Dear friends and colleagues,

Eagle IP had the privilege of representing Hong Kong and hosting AIPLA’s annual Women in IP Global Networking Event in April – an evening of recognition and inspiration where accomplished women in the industry came together to celebrate and share stories with one another.

Founded by a woman and led by a majority female leadership team, Eagle IP has always been a strong advocate of women in the IP industry. With this year’s theme being Own Your Voice, we took the opportunity to honor and appreciate fellow female leaders in Hong Kong who have used their voices to create spaces and pave paths – not only for themselves, but also for each other and the next generation in the industry.

Set in a modern, intimate restaurant in Sheung Wan, the event kicked off with a warm welcome from Dr. Jacqueline Lui, Founder and President of Eagle IP. Over dinner and drinks, guests shared their answers to questions about their career paths, experiences, insights, dreams and words of inspiration for aspiring women IP practitioners.

Below are some highlights of the sharing from our fellow guests:


  • ‘Take time to exercise, take care of your health’

  • ‘I went into bio but I didn’t want to kill mice anymore, so I switched to law’ (at least 3-4 guests shared this!)

  • ‘I love working with inventors and helping them understand how to protect their inventions’

  • ‘Not a single person was the reason why I ended up where I am today. It was such an unusual set of circumstances; I can only attribute it to God’

  • ‘Your network of friends/contacts is your most important asset. Invest in it, it will stay with you forever’

  • ‘I enjoy and really want to help the next generation in HK understand IP law’

  • ‘The intellectual challenge is what I found most satisfying in my IP career’


It was also interesting to note most of these female IP law practitioners came from very technical backgrounds – biology, chemistry, mathematics, bioengineering, and biochemistry.

The event ended with a Zoom dial-in to the global event, where we greeted participants from all around the world who were simultaneously hosting their own respective Women in IP Global Networking Events.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Women in IP Global Networking Event and contributed to its success. We are truly inspired by the stories and wisdom of these accomplished women. We look forward to more opportunities like this and seeing fellow women in IP again in the near future.

Warm regards,
Eagle IP
Host of 2023 AIPLA Women in IP Global Networking Event
Representing Hong Kong